Our Story

Since 1987, Dominick Gusmanos has been capturing sweet tooth hearts. Before moving to Chicago, he was originally from Taiwan and later on spent his early adult life in the Philippines. Due to perseverance, hard work, dedication, and love for his business, he has been keeping the traditional spirit of serving people from all walks of life. He would like to continue introducing the value of an old-fashioned confectionery shop to the modernized period in local Chicago neighborhoods. All ages are welcome to enjoy and reminisce memories of eating delicious sweet treats.

Featured Article of Mr. Kite’s relocation from Gold Coast to Wicker Park!

Through the years

We have been in the business in the Wicker Park neighborhood for almost 6 years. While the store gains popularity, more loyal customers still stop by up to this day. Visitors from different parts of the world explore the wonders of Mr. Kite’s popularity From colleagues to good friends, Mr. Kit puts a great place in people’s hearts!

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2120 W. Division Street,
Chicago, IL 60622 USA


Store: (878) 808 2440

Text or Call: (312) 927 5656